Save for Later with WooCommerce

Save for Later with WooCommerce allows customers to save their favorite cart items and buy them later with ease. The saved items will appear in a list at the bottom of the Cart page, with or without other items being added to the cart. This method is a super fast way to maintain a close relationship with your customers, without being bothersome or intrusive!

  • Works for Registered Users with no expiration
  • Supports all product types that can be added to the cart
  • Display ‘Save for Later’ link beneath the title of every item in the cart
  • Save items to a separate table beneath the cart items
  • Redirects unregistered guests to the login page when saving items
  • Saves the entire cart item array for better compatibility with third party additions
  • Displays price differences in the table when saved and current prices are different
  • Statistics page for shop owners to track the benefits of the ‘Save for Later’ system
    • How many users are saving products
    • The number of products saved overtime
    • How many products were later purchased
    • Popularly saved items
  • Translation Ready
  • Fully compatible with WPML, translations and price conversions
  • Template files for the cart that can be overwritten in a child theme

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