Simple Link Directory

It is the best wordpress directory plugin for the new age web. Suitable for small to medium scale directory websites. Compatible with any theme. With the Pro version of Simple Link Directory you can start making money on complete Auto Pilot easily and quickly with Paid link submission and Claim Listing features. This plugin can be used for Single page Business directory, One page Link directory, Link library, Bookmark collection, Directory listing, Web directory, Listing directory, Video Gallery, Youtube Video Directory, Video Database, Vendor or Partners Directory, Affiliates Directory, Resources page, Link Curation, Intranet etc.

This plugin also allows other website owners to Embed the Link Lists you curated, on their websites and increase sharing, engagement and value of your own website in return. As a HUGE bonus you can get Backlinks when your Curated Listing is embedded on another websites! Showcase all your Bookmarks and Favorite links with this useful plugin.

With the Thumbs Up feature, your site users can vote for the most useful Links in your Listings. This is a great way to make your website interactive and invite user feedback.

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