Woo Auction Software: WordPress Auction Plugin

Woo Auction Software is an advanced and powerful auction plugin for WordPress. It allows you to host auctions on your website. With the ease of WordPress and the power of WooCommerce, it is easy to set up your first auction.


In a few easy steps, you can install and set up the plugin to start your first online auction. This feature rich-plugin is easy to configure.

The plugin also offers multi-vendor options. With this, you can create an eBay style vendor auction marketplace on your site. It allows other users to place their auctions on your site. This way you can easily monetize your website.

This plugin allows you to place bids in your native currency through any popular payment gateway. Furthermore, you can also create auctions in any language. No technical skills are required to use this plugin.

It is very intuitive to set up Woo Auction Software in different auction modes. You can use these auctions to create professional auction websites, eBay type auctions and many more. The plugin comes with pre-designed email templates, that make it easy for you to customize the email notifications.

The various types of WooCommerce Auctions supported by this plugin are:

Simple Auction: It’s the most common type of auction. Auction starts from a specific price, and users bid for the product. At the end of the auction, if the reserve price is met the user with the highest bid can buy the product.

Reverse Auction: This auction is the reverse of a Simple auction. The auction will start from a specific price, and users place bids to lower the bid price. The user with the lowest bid wins. This auction is suitable for government contracts, service contracts, work to be awarded to lower bidders.

Penny Auction (PRO version): In Penny auction, the user needs to buy credits/bids. Once the user places a bid, the amount set (usually a penny) gets deducted. This amount is not refundable. The bidder with the highest bid after the auction has the right to buy the product at the start price.

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